Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just so you know...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kate is Single!..There is a God!

Evangeline Lilly is single again!...Finally,the world makes sense again.

I'll never know how Dom scored her in the first place, but,things finally makes sense. Does this have anything to do with Charlie dying in the Season finale? That's make Lil a real bitch,eh? Ah well,Charlie's dead, so there was no reason for the fake relationship to continue.

Now I'm looking forward to Season 4 with renewed enthusiasm. The Kate-Jack-Sawyer love triangle just got interesting! Now stop whining,Dom,you had it coming.Good luck with the campy horror flicks. Buzzkill!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9th Wonder!

Jessica Biel is starting to look like a man. Look at those muscles. What was she thinking?... It's bad enough that Justin Whatziznehm is boinking her. And now I assume he's HER bitch.

She's supposed to play Wonder Woman in the new Justice League of America movie. The all-star superhero geek-fest will also star Batman, Aquaman, Superman and The Flash.

She should play She-Hulk. Just throw some baby diarrhea on her and she's good to go. No prosthetics needed. Why doesn't she just stick to nice rom coms. They should get JT to play Wonder Woman. He's more of a woman than Jess is!

Still, ass-wise, she is perfection...


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Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh Sweet Sweet Lord!

Life's a bitch.

I'm not just saying that.I mean it.Look at this.

Nicole Richie in a bikini. I am speechless.Yes, .....I am without speech.

Nicole, however,had this to say about Joel Madden -"
he's a good mama’s boy in a bad boy body".

without speech.

Until next time.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So it looks like Keira Knightly is going for some kind of record. 35 magazine covers in a month.

She's on the cover of OK!,Hello,Vanity Fair, get my point.

Now that's ok.She's the new "IT" girl in Hollywood after the Pirates trilogy and her "action" movies Domino and The Jacket.

Personally, I hated her in Bend it.Hated her in Pirates.Loathed her in King Arthur.Hated her in Love Actually( which is my favorite movie of this lifetime).

I don't know why.She's got a decent mug,and is not all about breasts. It's also about incredibly muscular abs. So I said to myself,"Ok,she's making it.Good for her!"

Then she had to say something stupid like "I hate being airbrushed in magazines".


Are u serious? you not have a mirror next to your bottle of sleeping pills and
Oxycodone? She actually thinks people would buy a magazine with her "un-airbrushed" picture on it unless it was some kind of WHO or Unicef Fortnightly?

Here's an idea.Why don't you start by NOT POSING for 35 magazine covers?.huh?..I'm sure they airbrush her smile into it anyways, coz she looks pissed and grumpy half the time.

Loathe her.Still don't understand why.But I do.Weird. I thought I liked Brit girls.

Until next time.


PS:Liv Tyler's still so hot!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Just go already!

Why you shouldn't date Amy Winehouse.Or other skank whores.

OK,so she's been nominated for a Mercury.And she used to be "kinda" hot.But that was 2003.She looks like a dude now.

Whatever happened there?Make your girlfriends eat,people.And keep 'em off drugs.And blue belts.

There,that's my good deed of the day.

Until next time.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are you there God?..It's me,AJ.

Thank you.

Thank you,oh so much.For this.

That's Jessica Biel's ass,by the way.And it makes me happy.

If you don't who she is,please feel free to come out from under that rock and smell the dirty socks.Seriously,come out already.Jessica Alba is passe and Jennifer Ellison should have her breasts reduced before she suffocates her new boy toy.Jesscia Biel is here to stay.Not much of a face,way too muscular a body for my liking,'s all good.All is forgiven.

I know I'm coming across as pretty shallow to BLOG about an ass.So just so you know,her ass deserves a lot of things.A blog entry is just one of them.I'm not much of an ass person,but I could not look away when she wiggled her cheeks as if to say,"In your face,Lindsay Lohan!!".(I just realized what that sounded like in my head.)

After a long week full of unit tests and assignments,it's one of those guilty pleasures to watch a cheesy Adam Sandler flick..and admire and enjoy the beauty in the world.It's like a calming factor that actually works.

And then there's the "Hoyts" experience.YouTube isn't quite the same,is it?Gotta love Hi-Def.


Are you there God?It's me,AJ.

Thanks,for these little things that make me happy.I hope you don't judge me...yet.

Until next time.